Day of Meat

Day of Meat is an idle top defense game made by Lampogolovii. A puzzling comet has recently stirred things up around town, and murderous beasts have started appearing randomly. So arm yourself and get ready to defend yourself from the onslaught of terrifying beasts chasing you. Our legend will handle the shooting while you handle the defense. Find and redesign new weapons, offices, shots, welfare recovery, amazing special forces and much more! Focus on how the updates you apply to the Lab will be highly durable. Ace Tip: You can use the switch in the upper left corner to speed up the game! The world demands of you, so get ready to explore and refine.

Building a bistro in the desert was an ill-advised choice, but it was located near a busy road that would allow travelers to stop for rest and food. Yet on the first day of the season, mysterious beasts appeared near the bistro and tried to chase him. Obviously the owner won't let that happen and is asking for your help!