Fury Wars

Fury Wars is a multiplayer shooting game made by Full HP Ltd. Gather a group of brilliant heroes with an extremely fascinating arsenal of weapons, fight the opponent in shocking zones, bring money to upgrade the hardware and continue to win! Well-known game modes, for example, offer high-speed serious action against real players. Fury Wars is not normal for some other multiplayer fighting games. Feel free to look at it! A kind of arcade web-based shooting game or just one of the shooters? Or maybe it's a hierarchical shooter? We have no idea what to call the type of current game! We decided to show how cool your most beloved saints can be in the modern trend! Give a really huge firearm to any scandal and organize battles! Our saints are real cool stars! This online shooter game is full of frenzy! You will meet many insidious opponents with various special abilities in this internet shooting match, a third individual or better a hierarchical shooter! Take care of your head, because partners can throw it out of the fog! Not every one of the fighting games and archers can provide you with such waste and various ammunition! Is it true to say that you are tired of web-based shooting with ordinary, exhausting pistols and rifles? So this passage in online shooting will allow you to organize other types of battles! Cut off your enemies with a Dead Unicorn, cook with an electric harpoon and push and touch the fish on the enemy's overalls!