Cut Grass

Take part in a basic and habit-forming game called Cut Grass, in which you will have the opportunity to become an efficient and fun host by mowing the grass with your strong machine, which does not allow colors to fill your child's room. Watch carefully the labyrinth you face and be prepared not to leave a single piece of sod on the ground. Is it true or not that you are ready to experience it? Assess basic control, avoid deterrents along the way, and move sensibly to get to the most disturbing corner you can reach. Anyone who has grass in the yard understands that it must be mowed from time to time in order not to develop. In Cut Grass you will find an exclusive yard knife that achieves something you can't take care of all over the lawn. The open ground does not remain upright and then the multicolored flowers begin to sprout in a rough tone. You have to make the roads like a labyrinth of vegetation on each level, turning it into a flower bed. To activate the gadget, click on it and drag in an orderly manner, the yard cutter can not dial back, it will move to the main obstacle and you must take this into account, on the grounds that the mazes will be more entangled in mowed grass . Clean up the yards to see the great colors in this addictive puzzle game! Move the cutting edge around the level to trim any grass it comes in contact with. Complete each level by cutting each square of grass. Try to complete the level with as few moves as you can really expect. With 80 levels you will have mowing grass all summer long!