Pull The Pin Rescue

Is this a "Pull The Pin Rescue" game? Or on the other hand a save them all game? As should be obvious, this is a free puzzle game that concentrates intriguing ongoing interaction from numerous well-known games and adds well-known puzzles and interactivity by pulling on this premise. In case you like pin games and need to solve fun puzzles, you'll love the pin-rescue power game! Pull The Pin Rescue is a brain consuming high IQ rescue game! As a genius specialist, you will probably try different orders and strategies to pull the trigger, as indicated by the plot set by the game, to stay away from bombs, tracker ... finally, help the child escape a dangerous room. The most effective method to pull the trigger and save the child relies on you! Unlike the save the young lady game, add save zeros in extra important experiences. Each level presents you with multiple decisions - pull the correct pins to proceed. As the stage progresses, the problem of removing the pins from the game will increase. Moreover, Pull The Pin Rescue has additionally added an extraordinary level to save the young lady, you have to think of the most ideal approach to pull the trigger and become a saint to save the young lady!