Fishing Frenzy

A young man, Tom, earns a living by procuring unusual types of fish. He offers them to well-known eateries in the city, where they are used to prepare aromatic dishes. Today in Fishing Frenzy you have to go fishing with him on a huge lake. Your legend will float on his spoon in the lake. Under it, different types of fish will swim submerged. You need to throw a leader into the water. He has to hinder the fish and then it will swallow it. The buoy is submerged and you can grab it and maneuver the prey into the boat. Who says you can't go lake fishing in the coldest time of the year? In case you like to get in touch and fish during the day, try this Fishing Frenzy game for another interpretation of your number one distraction. The benefit of our form is that you can see submerged and snap anything that moves. The inconvenience? In fact, we should just say that you are not the only one who is wild about delicious fish. In the event that you need to haul in as many mackerel, trout and carp as could be expected, you will need to set your oars and drop your line like a pro. Get that worm directly before the fish and they can't help it! You are in it to fight for loot, blast raging sharks and ocean ponies, collect starfish and shells, get air pockets and bombs, worms, wealth, watches and donations. You have so much to collect in this game and the sky is the limit!Find your way to the top and be the top player in this ocean fight. Take the line off the fishing rod and get into your vessel, it's a perfect opportunity to catch a fish! A wide range of animals live in the deep - right now you just need persistence and ability. Cast your line and trust that the creatures will take care, but watch out for the eager sharks! Try to reach the goal of each level and collect useful catalysts that rise to the surface. In case you need to help your score, use a bomb to shoot a giant measure of fish at the double.