Square Jet

A little funny square named Jack loves to travel around the planet and explore it. When our saint found the old tombs. He chose to enter them and in the game Square Jet you will join the square in this experience. In front of you on the screen you will see your personality, which is in the cave. Using the control keys, you will show him in which head the saint should move. In case there are traps in his path. You need to skip the overclocking box over the given dangers. Look carefully at the screen. Various things will be scattered out of control. You have to collect them all. Each received thing will present you a certain number of tricks and can reward the legend with one or another prize. Square Jet is a moderate platformer game that is quite irresistible and fun. you want to help the little man to continue on stage and go through each level of load with various risk obstacles, using his jet pack to fly up. The level expands in difficulty as the level progresses and makes him try. Arrive in the target region and move to a higher level. Take a jet pack backpack in this stunning platformer. Collect yellow squares as you head for the larger square, which pushes you to a higher level. Beware of red squares or you have to restart! Consider the circumstance to know when to scatter the gas on the jetpack or to arm it straight high.