Pixel Volley

Pixel Volley is a retro-styled 2-player volleyball game that features tons of characters, levels, and game customization. The menu allows you to choose between three different modes. The volleyball symbol is for quick matches. The prize symbol is for competition and the platform symbol is for star association. The moment you win the Star association, you open the Sun association! At the core you have the wonderful close two player mode. close to that. The game highlights a lot of customization options. There are currently more than 50 characters to explore! In addition, you can change the principles of the game. For example, you can play with a net that goes all around, a ball that shrinks, or play with an American football or a ball with a saw on the base! Your characters continue like bowling pins, bouncing to the side they're facing, so make it a point to constantly check where your characters are going. Can you beat the competitions, associations and your companions in Pixel Volley at some point?

Volleyball is the fairest game, it does not require extraordinary grounds, unique circumstances. It is enough to set the frame, dividing the groups and give them the ball, to throw to each other. The game can be coordinated even around the ocean near the wavy ocean. In our game Pixel Volley, groups are selected by individuals and creatures, and the balls change with each new throw: from footballs to standard inflatables, on the ocean side. To win, you really want to make your opponent miss three targets. Your group is on the left. Use the wrenches on the steering bolts. In groups of two players each, and at the border of the field are the judges and carefully monitor the implementation of the principles.

Pixel Volley is a silly and engaging volleyball competition, highlighting pixelated characters and great ongoing volleyball interaction. You control two different players and have to make them jump to keep the volleyball in the air and keep it from coming into contact with your side of the court.

Every time you play with an alternative ball from bouncy balls and soccer balls to rugby balls! Time your jumps carefully and keep the ball from falling too low if it doesn't make noise around town. You can play in an arcade-style match or test your skills in a competition! Can you beat Pixel Volley at some point?