Thor Boss Battles

Thunder God Thor is ready for action, he is constantly fighting the villains who try to harm Asgard, but in the game Thor Boss Battles you can help the superman. This time, all his main adversaries: Loki, the Enchantress and Hela waged war against the saint. Expecting a heated battle and first on the field will be the sibling Loki, whose indignation depends on jealousy and wants to have Odin's place. To get to the main opponent, you have to go through the stone obstacles by smashing them with an amazing hammer. Collect gems - this is the money for which you can strengthen the activity of the hammer. This is valuable in fights with solid opponents and they won't miss the second one that hurt the Torah. Your main objective will be to protect yourself from your enemies as Thor who has his enchanted hammer to fight with. With this hammer you can do tricks that you could not try and dream of. You must retrieve a relic from Asgard that is held by your brother Loki. It's up to you if you're ready to have a good time! There are numerous battles to be fought, so cherish this while it lasts. Join Thor in this thrilling experience against his most terrifying enemies! Smash the obstacles in your way using his hammer and fighting fiendish beasts. Collect catalysts and relics to make your excursion easier!