Zombie Dying: Survival Days

The zombie end times have arrived! It's time to grab your firearms and shoot the undead in Zombie Dying: Survival Days. In this action-shooting game, you handle the job of one of the survivors in a city overrun by zombies. Different missions are looking for you every day; from rescuing an ordinary citizen to killing any number of zombies as can reasonably be expected. Each completed mission earns you money that you can spend on working on your weapons and character. You can also buy new gear: in the north there are 15 different weapons and 4 special symbols to unlock! Also, keep an eye out for achievements. These extra difficulties can help you bring in more money! Could you at some point survive the days of endurance and become the ultimate survivor?

If nothing is done now, the zombies will wipe out the entire city, so someone will have to wage war and clear the domain of the merciless beasts in a new 2D platformer.