Stick Merge

Stick Merge is an easy activity and consolidating game made by TinyDobbins. Your goal is to join different types of weapons to make firearms even more impressive and finally use them on moving figures in the shooting range. Adjust your ammo supply, repair your gun, explore all the catalysts and become the best shooter around. How amazing could you get into Stick Merge? Stick to find out! Could you claim Stick Merge after entering an antagonistic climate attacked by a dangerous number of stickers? This is the perfect opportunity to kill many well-equipped enemies at heart, ready to end your life, hidden behind blockades and thick significant dividers! To do this, use a small pistol, focus, shoot boldly and bring cash for each murder. When you have amassed enough coins, you can put them into new firearms and consolidate them two by two until you get the most impressive weapons you can imagine. Adjust your ammunition stockpile, explore all the catalysts available to you to facilitate your central target and become the best shooter around, find out who the supervisor is nearby and demonstrate that you have the best point and reflexes on the planet! Every expert shooter longs for the best weapon that will serve reliably without falling evenly and be conservative enough. The legend of the game Stick consolidate gets every chance to get the best, but first you need to gain insight and shoot from different types of small arms, starting with the roughest gun. For starters, take some pictures of the targets. All you have to do is point the target and the pistol will fire naturally and reload. in addition, you will have the equivalent stick action movies as targets. To pick up another weapon, join two indistinguishable models in a unique field until you get a super machine gun in combination Stick.