Digging Master

Digging Master is a relaxing game that welcomes you to embark on an archaeological experience where you can find old relics and create your own exhibition hall! Dig through the dirt to reveal interesting fossils like Triceratops, T-Rex and Stegosaurus. Collect these sublime animals and place them in your showroom to attract guests. Offer passes to visitors and bring cash to expand your gallery even further. Put resources into upward moves to dig faster and find more extraordinary antiquities, or hire workers to help you on your journey. Is it safe to say you're ready to become the ultimate Digging Dominate?

In another peaceful experience, we have an unusual open door along with a funny red stickman to turn out to be real archaeologists digging up relics, specifically the remaining parts of dinosaurs, to make your own assortment and show it to other people. Go out on a trip and don't forget to take a pickaxe and a digging tool with you, these are the main stickman devices at the moment.