Polywar 2

Polywar 2 is an extreme battle with shooting, in which you will be thrown straight into the frenzy of the Second Great War. You control an individual from the partner forces and try to liberate the place where all the Nazis who attacked him are. Take your weapon and stand in the front line, trying to defeat as many Nazis as possible. Bounce behind the controls of an earth-moving battle tank to cause a real erasure. You must complete each mission you have assigned by your administrator and do everything differently. Success Soldier. Try to complete each of the missions in this comprehensive game. There is a huge load of exceptional weapons with imagination. There are also exclusive 3D designs that are looking for you. Try to blow up your opponents at all costs. For example, you end up in Normandy on day D. Start playing and try to protect your domain. An amazing game in which you will show your abilities. There is a huge load of weapons and various companions looking for you. Control a brave leader who must stand up to the Nazis in order to try to turn the European conflict in support of himself! Clear a wide range of missions - - defeat many enemies or tanks - - set your accuracy to test and complete each of the 30 phases. Help the allies to conquer positions and defeat the Nazis before the point of no return is passed. Polywar 2 puts you at the forefront of the front line, try to complete the many missions assigned to you. Loaded with special weapons with imagination and a serious component. Emphasizes 3D polyrealistic workmanship. A great shooting match that will make them blow up your opponents.