Aces Up Solitaire

Advance the game and get the winning hand Your goal in Aces Up Solitaire is to remove all the cards in the piles on the table until only four aces remain. When the game opens, each of the piles on the table at the top of the screen will be unfolded. card The remaining cards will be removed and placed on the stock pile in the lower right corner When the top cards of both piles on a table are of the same suit, you can click to remove the lower classification, for example, when the heart and Q of hearts are on top of two piles on the table, hearts can be removed Your score will be counted according to the number of cards drawn. If no cards can be removed, click on the stock pile to deal new cards When the table pile is empty, you can click move the top card to another triode to occupy it If the saw stock is used, but no more moves can be made game over Can you clear your way to the throne of aces.