Crazy Grand Prix

Crazy Grand Prix is a daring Equation 1 game where you play as an expert racer. You can play in profession mode, practice mode and even play with others in multiplayer mode. Recruit a colleague, be the hero of the race, get the prize money and use it to redesign your fast car.

Crazy Grand Prix welcomes you to take part in an addictive game of Recipe 1 in which you have to put yourself in the shoes of an experienced driver. Pedal fast when the race starts and work your way up, starting from one chain mark, then to the next, dropping each member.

The best drivers on the planet are waiting for you on the other side of the screen! Customize your vehicle as you would prefer, choose your #1 game mode and enlist an impressive group of experts to perform maintenance and wheel changes in record time and beat all the title contenders north of 200 kilometers per hour! Can you say you're ready to explore your mind-blowing driving skills?

Welcome to Crazy Grand Prix - your chance to compete for the annual World Car Championship! There are many extreme qualifying stages ahead of you as you battle other true contenders for the Recipe 1 world title. Start your headlong quest now and overcome each of the moves on your way to world greatness!