Adam and Eve: Astronaut

In Adam and Eve: Astronaut, anything is possible, but our intrepid caveman Adam must explore the past. Before he can reach the stars, he needs your help to find the missing rocket motor. Could you help him on his journey through numerous levels filled with puzzles? As much as the stargazing from his cave at night unfolds, Adam must spot these twinkling spots very close. Like past titles of this well-known arrangement, your objective in this game is pretty fun and straightforward. You just have to help Adam solve the different puzzles in each level to pass them. You just need the mouse in this experience, so click the play button in the main menu to get started. In each level you will see different things that you can use. You have to tap them in the right request to pave Adam's way. Every now and then you'll need to open an entrance by tracking down a secret key, and on various occasions you'll need to throw out a character that gets in your way. The moment you accept that you have made the path of the relative abundance of obstacles, click on Adam to check if he will move. In the event that he doesn't, you might actually have a couple of moves in passing.