Stupid Zombies 2

Idiot zombies are back in this hilarious web-based spin-off. Destroy each of the zombies using different weapons.

Stupid Zombies 2 is back with another zombie killing arcade game. This time you can choose your personality between male or female. Kill each of the zombies before you run out of slugs.

The undead are back in Stupid Zombies 2 to test your understanding and fortitude! These disturbing, mindless, dangerously outfitted beasts should make it difficult for you, but you can't let them get away with taking control of the world.

Tackle a wide range of confusing puzzles and fire your projectiles with the right power and inclination to defeat your enemies. You're not supposed to kill what's already dead, but a well-timed headshot can make you clear out these risky beasts one last time - clear out very large hordes of zombies before you run out of ammo.

Indeed, zombies are not shrewd. This is extremely valuable to us as it will be easier for the internet game legend Stupid Zombies 2 to destroy them. The game offers you to choose one of the characters: a man or a lady. Our legend will kill the living dead and get points for every zombie destroyed. In some cases, you need to make shots at the floor or work out the direction of the projectile after hitting back.