Caesar's Day Off

Caesar's Day Off is an arcade game where you play as the Roman despot Julius Caesar. It's your job to deal with his regular endeavors as he assesses whether an occasion is satisfactory or on the other hand worthy of a quick lion warrior death! The existence of people you cooperate with is in your hands, and you can get unique (often hilarious) results for each occasion, so replaying the game a few extra times to see everything play out is truly magnificent and definitely it's worth your time.

Caesar's Day Off is an interesting leisure game where you are Julius Caesar and you have a free day ahead of you. Have you ever needed to be a exhausted ruler who actually wants to participate in a vacation day? You are perfectly positioned! Perform basic hand movements to talk to your subjects. The moment you endorse something, you can offer a forward signal. Move in the opposite direction when you claim that someone should be eaten by your lion. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, but heavier is the body, in case Caesar does not structure the serving of mixed vegetables.

Caesar's Day Off is an interesting game where you play as the leader of the Roman world, Caesar! Today is a holiday! Also, for this reason, you should do whatever you want in this pointless game of Major Bueno. To connect to your current circumstances, you just need to move your giant thumb up or down. Always remember it's Caesar's Day away from work.