Toon Cup

Play Toon Cup, the absolutely free soccer game! Have fun choosing your characters from the #1 Cartoon Network like The Adventures of Gumball. Master your abilities and work with your group to achieve goals and fight your way to the top of the leaderboard! The point of the game is to score goals while defending your own net. Try not to be fooled, the result will probably not be as basic as it seems with the ruthless objective guardian of rivals! Tackle, spill, pass and shoot your way in with a chance to win! Post about the amazing catalysts that also drop during the game - they can give teammates an imperative lift (or confuse them if your opponent gets them)! Banana Slip and Super Speed ​​are among the many catalysts to find. It wouldn't be a football match without an official and who better than Nicole from The Amazing World of Gumball as your special ref! You better watch out - in case you get it wrong, she might just call you out! The game is fun and fast. You will have a great time controlling the players and fighting in the title! Exercise your abilities to last your abilities and gain your place on the field.