EI.Soul welcomes you to embark on an exciting excursion into the universe of secrets and interests. In this puzzle game with a hand-drawn plot, you expect the work of a talented investigator on a journey to unravel confusing cases. Immerse yourself in enchanting scenes meticulously crafted with stunning finesse. Explore each area, carefully collect items, and engage in perplexing collaborations to uncover hidden mysteries. Explore the clues you collect along the way, solving the riddle of each secret. With a compelling storyline and environmental visuals, EI.Soul will challenge your investigative abilities and keep you as eager and anxious as possible. Can you unravel the riddle loop and solve the riddles that exist within it at any time?

In EI Soul, get ready to immerse yourself in a dramatic excursion that will test your abilities as an explorer and unravel secrets in an interesting universe. This story puzzle game highlights a hand-drawn crafting style that rejuvenates the charming scenes.

As a talented investigator, your main goal is to investigate puzzling cases and unravel hidden mysteries. Carefully study the created areas, taking in the stunning subtlety and looking for fundamental signs. Each scene is rich in air, which draws you even more into the universe of secrets.

Throughout your exam, you'll collect items and engage in complex connections to boost your progress. Pay attention to environmental factors, as everything has a vital aspect to opening reality. Break the clues you accumulate along the way by solving the riddle of each secret.

The plot in EI.Soul is compelling and will keep you hooked as you dive deeper into the puzzling scene presented before you. Put your analytical skills to the test as you investigate complex situations and try to uncover the truth.

With its barometric imagery and vivid interactivity, EI.Soul offers an extraordinary and intense experience. Prepare yourself for an excursion full of twists, turns and unexpected revelations. Can you unravel the puzzle trap at any point and solve the riddles that exist? The fate of secrets warns your sharp eye and sharp mind.

In another amazing web based game EI. You soul will help the investigator in the examination of various confused cases. In front of you on the screen will be a noticeable area where your personality will be found. There was a violation here. You should review everything carefully. You need to find evidence that will help you understand what happened here. To find these signs, you have to deal with various endless obstacles. As a result of collecting the proof, you are in the EI game. The soul will actually want to unravel this case and then move on to explore the next one.