Parking Block

Parking Block is a puzzle game where you modify each of the left vehicles that surround you to get out of the road block. Make a path of vehicles of several sizes to target your opportunity. Be careful, though: The more moves you play, the fewer stars you'll earn. Test your coherent abilities as you try to clear each of the 60 stages! Move different vehicles around until you make a way for the main vehicle to escape. Keep moving vehicle positions until you make a way for your vehicle to escape the level. 60 unique puzzles to try to complete. The less moves you use, the more stars you will gain. In Parking Block, your gaming vehicle is closed by various vehicles left in the block. One exit is closed, so you cannot leave the parking area that way. What a perfect little riddle to solve! Pick up different vehicles and drag them away. You will need to sort which request to move the vehicles to and which camp to move them to. Try to make a way with the target that your orange vehicle can pass. Could you stay within the basic measure of the moves shown at the highest point of each puzzle and score three stars for your work? Look at this! Parking Block is a stunning and fun parking game that you can play online and for free. You think you are a virtuoso to leave your extravagant little vehicle flawless between different vehicles like a champion. Get it out of there and then start to consider yourself a keen driver. This addictive and truly testing Parking Block puzzle game is all about tracking down the most ideal way out of a parking garage loaded with vehicles blocking your direction. Move vehicles, limos and carriages around to leave this location in as few moves as possible. Think carefully shrewdly, from time to time you need to go back to clear your direction before you arrive at the exit. Beat all levels with 3 stars! Play with Parking Block!