Zombie Rush

Zombie Rush is a cheat action game where you can play different legends to shoot your way through streams of zombies! Each legend brings its own abilities to the battle zone, and you can increase those abilities by using the jewels you acquire by killing the zombies. Equipped with programmed weapons, you really want to lead the fight, moving fast to try and avoid harm! As you fight, you'll further develop, unlock new perks and improve your extraordinary abilities. The more you play, the harder the game becomes with progressively more dangerous zombies. Now is the right time to test your abilities and mental strength.

A large number of us actually play the simplest games, the ones that were once dear and cherished. Continuing with the definition of such games, we present to you a zombie fighting game where the main man, a frenzied individual equipped with an assault rifle, goes to battle with terrible animals - zombies. Join and help the man to destroy all the resurrected dead or zombies.