is a multiplayer survival game where you create, mine, craft, and explore an island trying to fight back. Tribals joins natural mechanics from games like Minecraft and Rust in this free and easy-to-play endurance game! Decide to create your own base and go to the island alone or with companions! From chasing chickens and being chased by bears to building huge bases and crafting a wide range of gadgets and weapons, there's plenty to do. Create your own persona and bounce into the wild to see how long you can last. Explore the island, but watch your longing and thirst levels, get too low and... well, you'd rather not find out! Lots of different things to collect and, surprisingly, more to do, you'll never run out of activities! Judge how long you can owe to your companions or against each other. Clans can be played alone or with others, so get into the game now and decide how you want to play! Could you overcome the island at any time and become the best clan?