Johnny Revenge

Meet Johnny Revenge, possibly the best spies in this addictive and fun game named after him! Trouble is everywhere, and they intend to cause some subterfuge. Show these men with terrible habits that they can't make a noise in town while you work. Play through many levels to complete different missions to stop the fugitives and rescue the prisoners! The city is safer with you around! The objective of this game is to complete each level/mission by crushing each opponent in them and rescue the prisoners. Being a spy is no easy job, but with this game's straightforward controls, you can make all the difference with just a few around-coordinated shots! In each level you will experience different opponents aiming their weapons at you. The moment you get close to them, you'll go into moderate movement mode. The moment your weapon focuses on them, click the screen to shoot them. You can use dangerous barrels to take out more than one troublemaker with just a lone shot. Be careful though! You have to think about the welfare of the prisoners. Try not to shoot them or you will bomb the mission. You collect coins with each fruitful mission and can use them to unlock different weapons from the shop during gameplay. Point well, place your photos carefully and show others that you are the legend the city needs. These prisoners will not be saved! This is a perfect opportunity to join a world-renowned professional assassin in a progression of heart-pounding missions in Johnny Revenge! Johnny is determined to kill any number of fear-based oppressors as allowed as he fights to free their prisoners. Tragically, he didn't carry much ammunition with him. Help Johnny complete each mission, perform amazing flips and reach the designated locations in this activity game. Johnny has another mission. The crowd is still going and this is just the beginning and more people are being grabbed. This is a perfect opportunity to go to their guide! Show your reflexes, take pictures at the perfect opportunity to put your projectiles through their skulls and make some extraordinary memories! Less talk, more slugs! The main character of the internet game Johnny Revenge will give you a feeling of the excellence of the famous Hollywood stunts. So to free the prisoners you have to shoot opponents directly during your own flight. Be able to get the second one when Johnny's weapon is aimed at the psychological warrior and pull the virtual trigger.