Explore the new planet Eliatopia while you (Earth man) set out to explore the newly discovered planet owned by outsiders. Play with your satellites or make new ones and explore the planet together. Fighting beasts and surprisingly different parts in regions authorized by PVP. Improve your man through a colossal assortment of weapons and reinforcements, abilities and tricks. What dark privileged insights does Eliatopia and her administration have? Besides, what about his relationship with Earth? Find out now! Eliatopia is another game you finish in 2030. Researchers have discovered a planet where life can be found. Therefore, they have selected several groups that will go on a campaign and try to find as much data as possible that can be expected for this planet. Since this is a multiplayer game, you can call your satellites and explore this obscure world together. You can work on your man step by step and buy new things like shields or weapons. Would you be able to solve the boring mystery? Put yourself in the shoes of a valiant and curious man who leaves Earth in his spaceship, ready to explore another planet called Eliatopia. This place is occupied by apparently calm outsiders with whom you can talk, make new satellites and explore the planet together. As you progress, many opponents and a huge number of animals will appear on your way, ready to end your life. Progress gradually, gather a few things, have fascinating discussions, discover new weapons and a protective layer to protect you from your enemies and promote your abilities to the limit. What stupid inside facts are hidden in Eliatopia and its inhabitants? Uncover the secret and experience a new experience! As we enter each part of the system, a group of space travelers discover a planet to live in and name it Eliatopia. You and various players from different nations of the world will go to this planet to explore it. Your person will be noticeable on the screen in front of you, which will be in a certain region. The main thing you need to do is set up your beer. To do this, explore everything around and start digging up different assets. Once the camp is ready, you will decide to explore the remote region. During the transit you will run over wild creatures and various animals living here. You can erase each of them using different weapons. To kill them, you will be given tricks.