It is a basic but interesting game which is currently well known on mobile phones. You want to find out how to get this legend extremely high. Be careful and don't run into branches that make you fall down. Take a step into the forest in Timberman! This sample internet game has been updated with new characters, new conditions and much more! This lumberjack has another drawn out day ahead of him. He would really see the value in it if you can focus and help him in this most expensive arcade game. More than 20 million players have helped him since Timberman first came online and started swinging his ax in 2014. Is it true or not that you're ready to become his latest counterpart? No one ever said being a woodcutter was easy! You will need to quickly cut down each tree and stay away from the appendages. In the event that someone hits the heads of Timberman or any of his companions, you will have to start from the beginning once again. All things considered, you won't have many opportunities to swing your hatchet. You will have to choose which side of the tree to split before using up all available time. You may only have a fraction of a moment to dwell on each choice! Either way, you'll end up with huge piles of wood once you start splitting. You can exchange them for coins or use them to buy different characters like Fireman Bob. There are additionally different areas that you can explore as you open them up. What's hard for you beyond the Halloween city limits? Now is the perfect time to find out. After all, you can manage trees anywhere from the Middle East to a snow-capped mountain peak. Timberman is a retro activity game with some great administrative highlights that you would normally find in a reenactment game. Cooperate with Timberman and his companions as they accumulate lots of wood and trade it for coins. There are several locales that you can explore as you unlock additional characters. Timberman is an extremely addictive high-scoring game in a retro style. Become a woodcutter, chop wood and beware of the branches. Seems like a simple undertaking? It's not hard to play, but it's hard to dominate. Are you ready to swing your hatchet? Timberman is an experience-based game where you play as a lumberjack trying to cut some kindling for the approaching winter, but you have to stay away from the branches that are holding you. Timberman's app was taken down, which has been downloaded and played north of 20 million times, you can play it anytime on the web. This is the authoritative broadcast of the game.