Adventures With Pets! Bubble Shooter

A storm broke out over the Magic Kingdom. The murky witch sent air pockets to these territories, which were pursuing the inhabitants of the kingdom. You are in Adventures With Pets! Bubble Shooter will deliver some of them. In front of you on the screen you will see a collection of items, which consists of air pockets in different tones. There will be a cannon equipped for shooting single pieces of different varieties. You need to carefully analyze everything and after you have traced the position of aggregation of items, the same variety as your shot, to point your weapon at him. Focus and shoot. The center hitting this group of air pockets will destroy them and you will get tricks for it. So by shooting at the air pockets, you will clear the field of them. Get ready to help your companion in a long and disturbing experience in Adventures With Pets! Bubble Shooter! Alice is a sharp, young lady, but she found herself at the center of a series of disturbing events. So she asked for your help. Could you help your charming companion at any time? This is a game surrounded by a drawing in a plot that tells the story of Alice and what she went through. In the center are the reduced games, where you will participate in the best forms of shooting with air pockets. So start playing the little bubble games and jump through the levels. With each level you pass, you will open new decorating arrangements that will help Alice decorate her currently burning house and save her pets! Now pause for a minute or two and take part in the storyline, which is full of inconveniences and reflections. Don't forget to play bubble shooting matches in the most ideal way. An air pocket game in which you have to save Gardenland when a strange storm boils over the city and turns everyone into shaggy comrades! Who did this and why? Release the air pockets, renovate the children's room and reveal the evil in this secret.