Ragdoll Hit

From the maker of Ragdoll Archers comes another plush fighting game! In Ragdoll Hit, you get a chance to influence ragdoll stickman to overcome a wide range of enemies and win each of the battles. Use a combination of punches, kicks, jumps and different weapons to defeat your enemies. Really look at the elements of the environment and use them to gain high ground. The goal is to free yourself from your opponent while trying not to get hurt more than yourself. With each victory you will acquire some coins to buy cool weapons and skins. Who can be the incomparable hero of rag doll battles?

In the new fighting game, you will meet Ragdoll Hit who is ready to show his fighting abilities in the field with similar super warriors who are ready for any opportunity and happy to win. However, we cannot abandon our personality with the enemy and will readily help him become the boss by defeating any rival.