Roly-Poly Monsters

Roly-Poly Monsters is a puzzle game where you tap the screen to fire a detonating ball and obliterate each of the Roly-Poly monsters on the screen. Use the most unimaginable measure of bombs to get the best score. Test your ability to direct, reason and finesse. Some levels are more serious than others, so they'll expect you to think about how to use your ammo decisively. Don't forget to pass Roly-Poly Monsters to your companions.

Roly-Poly Monsters is a cool game where you have to destroy different beasts, zombies and different beasts. You, as the main guy, will shoot a big cannon at the enemies. The game is extremely killer or we can even say easy to kill. Test your solidarity, knowledge and abilities. Many levels will not be simple and you should think that it is extremely difficult to pass them.

Your task is to eliminate zombies, vampires and similar beasts. You will be throwing bombs at them, so try to kill as many of them as possible with one bomb. The amount of bombs is limited.

Battle Beasts in the Halloween Realm. Their numbers have greatly increased, the hateful animals have hid in closed places and believe that some useful second will attack them. In any case, you will not stick to the attack, but you will personally initiate the killing. For this reason, we proactively carried out the firearm and you really want to focus. He will not try to shoot straight at the target, in addition, the charge does not detonate immediately, but after stopping. Go for the gold to move down and be close to the beast and when it detonates nothing will be left of the beast. The amount of bombs is limited, so try to aim even harder at the Roly-Poly Monsters.