Tanuki Sunset

Tanuki Sunset is a skating encounter in decline with a raccoon hero named Tanuki. Surpass the corners and do stunts on a skateboard to provide tricks. Enjoy an amazing soundtrack and vivid visuals while driving the coolest raccoon through the winding streets to the distant horizon. Travel down on your skateboard, avoid obstacles and collect tricks. When your focus is full, a roulette wheel will give you a twist for extra space. Jumping and cheating will give you more tricks. Stop for a moment and enjoy the music! Delicious energies are essential to what makes this game extraordinary. Get out of control to get more tricks. Swim around the corners. Slide 180 degrees. Riding near barriers gives you tricks for close passes. You get tricks on most things other than just riding, so do as many stunts as you can! There are symbols that you can collect such as a ringing phone, a baby raccoon calling for help, and a ribbon. Enter the sliding bar to move the music and visual taste of the game. Answer the sliding phone for another purpose. Have the child carry a raccoon endlessly on an inflatable to be a raccoon friend to walk with you in your declining experience. Tanuki Sunset is the third individual longboard skating match, where players play like a raccoon gliding down a synthwave-themed promenade. Interesting raccoon Tanuki has recently received a skateboard and has proactively figured out how to dominate it quite well. While riding, he invested so much of his racing skills that he chose to go on a long trip through the famous pass at Tanuki Sunset. This is an intense choice for such an untrained rider. Help him, the legend doesn't expect him to stay there. You will need quick reaction and the ability to move while controlling a skateboard with your hand. Collect gems as you drive on a perfectly flat track. There will be turns and obstacles, but all this is yet to come. Tanuki Sunset is the third individual longboard skate encounter where players play like a raccoon gliding down a procedurally crafted synthwave-themed promenade. Develop your strategy to get around the limited corners, collect Tanuki Bits to complete your bonus roulette and try to accumulate as many tricks as possible. Sail often. Get a broadcast appointment and beware of vehicles and obstacles while getting out of control near dividers and edges to get closer to minutes of skipping and difficult situations to increase your score.