Biomons Mart

Biomons Mart is an addictive pet shop recreation game where you can indulge your fantasy of managing a thriving pet paradise. Take care of a variety of adorable pets, from cheeky young puppies to peeping birds, and create an inviting climate for pet fans. Expand your store, open unusual varieties of pets and attract cheerful customers looking for the perfect friend. Manage your funds wisely, put resources into promotion and watch your pet store thrive. With simple controls and an immersive experience, Biomons Mart lets you free the pet and become the ultimate pet store tycoon.

Today in another exciting web based game Biomons Mart you have to create a zoo shop. A room will appear on the screen in front of you. You will have a specific measure of game cash. Once you have chosen places in the room, you must collect cages to hold creatures in them. You will also need to purchase food for yourself and then house the creatures in cages. From this point on, you can open the shop entrances and customers will enter it. They will buy creatures from you. With the returns, you can buy new hardware necessary for the operation of the store, as well as have the opportunity to hire workers.