Siege BattlePlan

Siege Battle Plan is a procedural game that compensates for a quick mind and quick fingers. With smart gameplay, plan and exhilarating continuous interaction, Siege Battle Plan will keep you immersed for a really long time. You'll need to join some great strategies with quick reflexes if you have any desire to be aware of the ordeal ahead. Use decent technique flawlessly to defeat your opponent.

Grab each peak so you can chase from different points and increase your system options. Keep your cover and be patient as you collect as many soldiers as time allows so you can properly prepare for a major conflict. Outwit your enemy with the right timing and smooth movements.

In Siege Battle Plan, you are a master with hundreds at your command! Your opponents fear you and do everything they can to stop you. Is it safe to say that you are ready to accept their quest, capture each of their peaks with your powerful units and show that you are an awe-inspiring phenomenon?

The flag of your army flies on your peaks and your enemies plan an attack. Gather your forces and fend off the intruders and secure their possessions. Your goal in this game is to complete each level by defeating your opponents by capturing their tops while keeping your own. Your peaks therefore produce warriors. Click on the top and drag the bolt towards an enemy stronghold to line up your units to chase them there. On each vertex you will see the unit number. The moment the unit's number reaches zero, the armed forces following it capture the fort. From the main menu you can visit your palace. You can add new structures to your palace with the money you acquire. These structures will grant moves to your supports in battle, so be sure to open each one for an easy triumph. There are many levels to complete and battles to win. Could you at some point show your opponents that your army is the best in the land?

In the new web-based game Siege Battle Plan, you will overcome the territory of neighboring kingdoms. In front of you on the screen you will see the region in which your state tower and the palaces of the opponents will be located. Above each vertex you will see a number. This suggests the amount of soldiers that are in that peak. You need to think carefully about all of this and choose the peaks that you will pursue first. Right now, click on them with the mouse. Your warriors will come out of your top and fight against the enemy. Assuming there is a larger amount of them, they will wipe out the enemies and grab the top. So slowly you will really want to beat a lot of terrain in the game Siege Battle Plan.