Mahjong Word

In case you praised the first words of Mahjong or you are a fan of Scrabble who has never tried, you will be confused with this free online word ... In case you loved the first Mahjong Words or you are a fan of Scrabble who has never tried it, you will play with this free online puzzle game. Mahjong Words adds several new updates and highlights to the famous web-based game Mahjong Words. The instructions are equivalent to the first Mahjong words. Click the letter tiles to write expressions up to 8 letters, at this point click the submit button. In case you have written a word in our reference word, the tiles are eliminated. Eliminate each of the tiles to win. The new rating frame gives you a point for each tile eliminated, just like bingo multipliers (7 or 8 letter words). In addition, you receive a series prize for each bingo you score consecutively. I strive to improve the game depending on the client's ideas. I have a few more to come in the next few weeks. As usual, do not hesitate to send me ideas for words or improvements with the ideas attached under the game.