is a top-down multiplayer deathmatch. Take charge of your own MiniGiant and battle with different players for rewards. You can look at several classes. As you level up, you'll get bigger, more impressive, and acquire more loot to make your character more grounded! MiniGiants takes the common development mechanics of games like and Slither and consolidates them with the classes and epic battles of the usual Scandal games. To quickly evolve your character in MiniGiants, collect the living pieces around the energy guide. Smash opponents by fighting to power up quickly and play wits by avoiding fighting goliaths. The more you beat the game, the bigger and more relentless you become! As you destroy the rivals, you will see that sometimes they drop chests of various rarities. Chests include loot for your character and gold for redesigning things. You'll find signature things like protective layer, rings, and caps that smooth out your base details and make you more grounded. The most unusual chests highlight the most valuable items, so keep your eyes open for them around the field.