Sector 781

In Sector 781, get ready to find the inside facts about this place. You better find your courage as you will face many risks and opponents that can take you down. Is it safe to say that you are ready to uncover the secrets of this dark and terrifying place that is loaded with beasts? What a strange and ghostly thing it is to open your eyes and wind up in this place! It's possible to actually dream and it feels so genuine that you start mistaking it for the real world. In any case, you need to move there to find a way out of this place. In case it's a fantasy, you better wait to wake up before it's past the point of no return. In case it isn't, we hope you have things to work through this experience. There are 3 regions to go through and each region consists of multiple rooms. You must investigate each one and wipe out anything that dares to cross your path. Avoid the traps and collect pieces that can build your power supply. You will also find catalysts along the way that will allow you to overcome some of the deterrents. These catalysts could be the ability to double hop, bombs and new weapons. Find the designated locations to save your progress and use transport to track different rooms. Best of luck!