Blast Red

Blast Red is an experienced game in which you have to shoot the red squares and keep the green balls on the island. In case the green balls work, you have bombed the level. Be vital to the block you shoot first to control the fall of the green balls. Would you be able to complete each level? If you feel that you are sitting firmly on a common mystery with darkened squares, then you are confused at this point. The game Blast Red will put you in a somewhat unusual order, which will turn your every thought about such games. On each level you will see a three-dimensional pyramid made of red and green figures. Solid shapes, balls, parallelepipeds, rhombuses, etc. can be very good. The task is to destroy all red items, leaving only green figures. In addition, no green product should descend from the stage where the entire structure exceeds. You will shoot balls, directing the mouse with the mouse.