Bad Ice-Cream 3

Bad Ice-Cream 3 is a puzzle game for two players, created by Nitrome on December 11, 2013. Terrible Ice-Cream 3 allows you to play as a fake vanilla, chocolate or strawberry, which tries to burn natural products in each of the stages . You will face hungry creatures and beasts in 40 cool, cold, but still engaging levels. Use your ice-breaking powers to crush ice squares or create your own cool security barriers. Come on, eat each of the organic products! Bad Ice-Cream 3 is the third scene in a pleasant series of frozen yogurt that can generate an ice splitter! Participate in the new stages! Choose your frozen yogurt flavor number 1 and try to collect each of the natural products at each stage, while avoiding your opponents to use obstacles from ice blocks. Both single player and dual player modes are available. This online game offers you up to 40 really cool levels. Move the frozen yogurt around and take care of the opponents stored in icy 3D shapes. Collect every piece of organic product you find. Will you follow? Similarly, there is a time limit, so think twice.