Tricky Puzzle

Center around your riddle and solve them all in Tricky Puzzle! Being great at puzzles from time to time doesn't help much with riddles. As in this one, several riddles require brain and knowledge. At the moment, plan to become so smart as to deal with these riddles! You are in a wide and fun park. There are honey bees, dogs and companions around. The day is quiet, but this park is a maze and full of puzzles. You can move forward with no chance of dealing with the riddles with each progression. You will be given another query at each level. More often than not, there will be an image to paint with. Review the images or queries to solve the riddles. In any case, keep in mind to think in a sophisticated way all the time. In general, the answers will be hidden in a fun way to resolve confusing queries. You can also use your clues and rewards during the levels. At the moment we need to check if you can complete each of the levels. Evaluate with Tricky Puzzle a wonderful and bright puzzle game that will not allow you to get tired for a while. Carefully observe the endless vitality with beautiful and brilliant illustrations and be prepared to solve strange riddles that will try to deceive you, so that you can not leave aside the arrangement if possible. Live and take part in an amazing story that will develop gradually and show your amazing knowledge, preparing your psyche and testing your brain at the same time. Stick properly aligned nails, honey bees, save outsiders, turn to the conditions, bring the complex fish into the bowl and conquer what is happening that you can imagine. One silly puzzle is hanging in another exciting Tricky Puzzle game. In it you will perform various tasks and engage in endlessly amazing. At the beginning of the game you have to choose the level of the problem. From now on, the main task will appear on the screen in front of you. For example, on the screen you will see a picture of a piglet with a number on it. It will show the number of mouse touches on the piglet's suffocation. You need to point them quickly at the sign. Assuming that you have fulfilled this responsibility, you will receive tricks in the game Tricky Puzzle and you will continue to a higher level of the game.