Wheel Race 3D

All together, in order for the car to behave well, there are different types of wheels. Today in the game Wheel Race 3d we have to welcome you to test different types of wheels. The vehicle will appear before you at the beginning of the game. Below it, on an exclusive board, you will see different types of wheels. You have to choose one of them. This will introduce them to the machine. From now on, your slow-moving car will move forward on the street, constantly moving. Skillfully driving a vehicle, you have to conquer many dangerous places located around. As soon as the vehicle crosses the final destination, you will receive tricks and continue to test the following types of wheels. Rate Wheel Race 3D, a fun interest game where you have to choose the right tire for every street or track, the whole race relies on your decision! The moment you run on different streets, choose the right tires for different landscapes and actually look at the overall speed of your car, if not your car will become slower. Show your opponent that you are constantly ready for the changing climate!