Desert Car Racing

For all the brave fans, we present another exciting web-based game Desert Car Racing. In it you will take part in the race, which will be held in the desert. At the beginning of the game you should visit the canopy of the game and choose a vehicle for yourself. From this moment on, you will find yourself in the driver's seat and rush down the street, constantly moving with your opponents. Check the street. Aiming at the bolt located above the vehicle, you must fly at a speed on a course and overtake each of your opponents. Completing the first will provide you with tricks. Every time you collect a certain number of tricks, you can get a fresher and even more impressive vehicle. Go to the desert with the vehicle to get a dose of adrenaline. In the virtual world, you are not endangering anything, but in reality this is an extremely dangerous experience. You have to conquer whole mountains from hot sand from a mess on the net to a game for young men from Desert Car Racing.