Swords and Sandals: Gladiator

Get ready to enter the field with swords and sandals! In this Blaze sample game, you play as his privateer Karma. During a stormy evening, your boat collides with a piece of ice! Currently marooned on Doomtrek Island, you choose to earn your fortune by fighting in the fields! You can buy new weapons and protective layer in the shop, which will make you stronger during battles. Win a battle and you will be paid in gold! Assuming you win an adequate number of battles, you will be able to fight Field Champions. Could you defeat each of the seven bosses at any time and become the ruler of the field?

Swords and Sandals: Gladiator introduces you to your own special fighter - you can repeat the presence of your character, give him a name and choose his weapons and protective layer! As you win battles, you can open an additional developed cover and in addition rework your fighter's own attributes such as strength, readiness and speed - these will affect how your personality acts on the field. While fighting, the controls are clear and the game uses turn-based interactivity. You basically choose an activity and your fighter will perform it! This insanity and testing battle play requires system and forward thinking and each battle will really test your brain!