Numbers is a puzzle game where you pop blocks that can connect to each other. You are given a blank canvas full of different figures and you have to coordinate them and get them out! Here's what you need to do, pick two indistinguishable numbers or two numbers that add up to 10. You can do this with adjacent blocks in the upward direction, adjacent blocks on a flat plane, and in case there can't be another number between them. Likewise, you can place coordinates toward the end of one line and the beginning of another line if the total is likely to be 10 or, on the other hand, if you assume the numbers are indistinguishable. You can also coordinate the absolute first and absolute last number in the puzzle in case they follow the guidelines. Assuming you like matching games or sudoku, you'll appreciate Numbers.

Numbers are consistently used by humans to promote ingenuity and thinking. It was the numbers that became the critical components of the game, investing energy in which you can also drain these characteristics. Moreover, the game adds up to an amazing leisure activity.