Kitty Wedding Day

Kitty feline is planning a critical day in her life. Today our champion has a wedding and you in the game Kitty Wedding Day will help her prepare for the ceremony. You will find yourself in the house where Kitty lives in her room. As a matter of paramount importance, you need to remove its appearance. Using beauty care products, you will apply makeup everywhere and make a unique hairstyle. Currently, choose a wedding dress for her from the choice given to you. Under the dress take shoes and various wedding ruffles. On Kitty's wedding day, our lovely kitten will make a deal. She has found her Mr. Right and can't wait to join her existence with her first love. Mercy, isn't this just a murmur effect? These two are in love to the point that we faint! In any case, since this is their huge day, they may need help with reservations. Do you want to help us? This happy woman has traced her true love. Do you think we can be as happy as she is, ever in the not so distant future? We realize that incinerating whining is really amazing and everything, but still things can be really unpleasant. Moreover, we can unmistakably see this in the current circumstances. This kitten can't stop at the toilet and the arrangement is not significantly completed at this time. What we really wanted was a pixie to swing his magic wand and make sure everything was ready. Anyway, who needs all this when we have you, right? In this game your goal is to choose a wedding dress and ensure that the children's room looks perfect for the wedding. First of all, we need to choose a dress that will make her look like a goddess. Then, at this point, stop at jewelry, high heels, and finally, a wedding cloak! We can now finish the children's room before the function starts! Choose the best colors, decorate the wedding gazebo and change the main picture. Have fun!