Teeth Runner

Brush your teeth in this crazy arcade game. Your answers should be quick, because you want to brush the teeth of the characters and stay away from troublemakers. Collect nonsense to reverse the purpose of the game. Try to bring any tricks to the number that can be resolved in each level in this bizarre and wild web based game. Welcome to Teeth Runner, the best tooth game you've ever played! At Teeth Runner, the direct goal is to brush people's teeth: humans, zombies, vampires, tortoises ... They all require different fixations, so be careful while brushing their teeth to get the right toothpaste! First of all, brush the teeth of the characters along the way, in case you do it well, you can even open the toothpaste on the rainbow and have the opportunity to brush everyone's teeth at the same time! Towards the end, throw your packet of toothpaste beyond what many think is possible and brush gold teeth, hand teeth, chicken teeth ... Be careful of obstacles like people with protruding tongues; This game is not called Lick Sprinter, so you will have to stay away from them in your running! Go to the store and follow the wide range of toothbrushes that you can buy. There are significantly more strange and amazing items, very unique as a toilet brush! You can also buy different guns to shoot with your toothpaste. Participate in a variety of conditions while brushing everyone's teeth around the planet. Keep in mind that you should brush your teeth normally and you will now be able to brush the teeth of others, which makes it much more fun! Feel free to defend yourself using abilities. Rate many energy-packed levels while having fun in this fun hidden object adventure game called Teeth Runner! Use your toothbrush and floss it in toothpaste to make your characters' teeth shine clean. And yet, beware! Not all of your customers are ordinary people, some are beasts who are afraid to keep their horrible breath and earthly smiles. Focus on the way and the people who cross your path and demonstrate that you are talented enough to satisfy them all. We learn about the need to brush our teeth and deal with oral depression from a young age. Guardians, adults, dentists do not tire of discussing this with both young people and adults, and yet not everyone uses a brush. In the game Teeth Runner you will brush your teeth for everyone with toothpaste, but also with something not very wonderful to check. However, individuals, as well as beasts, will become your patients and they tend to clean with their finger so that their teeth are dark and scary. Indeed, people who stick out their tongues don't need cleanliness to connect their teeth with any part of their imagination, so skip them in Teeth Runner. Welcome to the great game "Teeth Runner"! Today we had to cheer you up a bit, so you have to play an extremely interesting game in which you will run over the little men's teeth with a toothbrush and brush their teeth at the same time! Do you like brushing your teeth? Do you wash them with toothpaste or other means? In this fun game you will have a solution for two drugs, toothpaste and compost. Become a Dental Runner and start brushing your teeth in a nice way! You really want to examine the teeth of this large number of messy people to brush your teeth with toothpaste. In any case, if we assume that you decide to make a joke of them, then at this point examine their teeth with pure manure and see their intriguing answer! There are many levels that sit well for you, where you can participate in your time and cheer up with joy! You will appreciate it, so get started and have fun! Good luck!