Basketball FRVR

Basketball FRVR is a b-ball game created by FRVR. The game became famous on facebook but found its way on the web. Drag your mouse or fingers to score in Basketball FRVR! This sporting event makes you shoot like Kobe Bryant. Each back-to-back crate is worth more focuses. In case you miss a single shot, your streak will end. Be careful as the group will start moving away from you! Basketball FRVR is an exclusive new b-ball game that you can play on any gadgets. This basketball hoop shooter is easy to adapt but lots of fun. There is no time limit in the game, but the moving bin is a test in any case for experienced players! This means you can play FRVR basketball for as long as you need. There are additional focuses on the extreme chance of not hitting the rim. The game was made by Chris Benjaminsen. Have a good time!