Detective Dan

Meet an investigator named Dan in Detective Dan! He really wanted an aide in light of the fact that the quantity of clients had as of late expanded. This was worked with by the fruitful examination that occurred the other day and the strong help of the police. Essentially, the organization needs to research a wide range of little instances of missing property, treachery to spouses or wives. An investigator for hire has no option to meddle in the examination of serious violations, however at times common ordinary issues cross with something more serious and afterward the legend includes the police. Assist the legend with gathering his bag and go to his most memorable client. She will be an old, heavy woman who lost her feline in Detective Dan.

Detective Dan is an investigator, savvy and exceptionally shrewd. It assists you with looking for lost protests and tackle different riddles. Today he will have an exceptionally bustling day, so he welcomes each and every individual who loves different missions and rationale riddles to assist him with finishing every one of the tasks in a thrilling criminal investigator story utilizing rationale, thinking, mindfulness and obviously derivation, recollect, similar to Sherlock Holmes.

Detective Dan is a reasoning game where you encapsulate the job of a cunning criminal investigator! Utilize your sharp mind to help various individuals and address their requirements. Examine any dubious regions by tapping on them, accumulate possibly valuable things, and spot them perfectly placed to address the riddle! Remember to utilize your magnifier to completely analyze everywhere, as covered up coins could amaze you! Indeed, even the most intelligent criminal investigator could utilize some assistance infrequently, so click the tips button for certain clues! Why should prepared become the best Detective Dan?