Ocean is a coordinating puzzle game created by ANV Games. Sharks in the sea take control of city after city and valuable marine life cannot be protected without your unmistakable guidance. Sea offers an invigorating interpretation of the exemplary "match-three" class by empowering chains, combinations, major repairs and unlocking ocean animals! Is it safe to say that you have all crossed the seas? The natural balance of the planet is disturbed and the sea becomes particularly intense. The shark population expanded considerably and decisively, and they began to attack the settlements of marine life, destroy them and leave the desert with water. In the game Ocean you tend to a marine inhabitant named Fish - this is a conventional medium-sized fish. He must secure the fishing towns and restore friendly relations. You just have to do the work on the level, collecting vital gems or shells. In case you have to fight a shark, try to collect things that have a similar shadow as the saint you sided with, this will intensify his attack and wipe out the hunter in the Ocean faster. Connect articles in chains of at least three indistinguishable links.