Logic Master 1

Looking for a game that is wonderful, imaginative and unusual all at the same time?
You can become a rationale plan by dealing with the most unusual and uncertain inquiries you've ever seen!
You will assess your mental abilities and be given a performance assessment, memory, adaptability and spatial visual abilities to deal with.

Logic Master 1 is a logic game where you will be given a variety of interesting riddles and puzzles that will test your mind and give you the power to think of new ideas. Behind the beautiful hand-drawn illustrations and great music, expect a lot of interesting inquiries! These are not the queries you see all the time, so think carefully before you answer them! Regardless of whether you think you know the answer, you should review the query again on the grounds that the game may expect you to think from a different perspective. They are definitely designed to work on your memory, attention and ability to think fast! It can actually help you work on your memory, visual handling and coordination of the shape and variety of the train! The game will also rate how quickly and skillfully you answer these prompts, so you can decide how the game rates your attention score. Don't forget that you can continuously slow down a track in case you level up! You don't have to have a high level of intelligence or be a virtuoso like Einstein to succeed in this game, but we urge you to play it regardless of whether you are a virtuoso!