Gravity Soccer 3

Browse puzzles as you score goals in this diverse puzzle game themed game! Touch stones to remove them and let the ball, bombs and various objects fall. Put the soccer ball in the net to complete each level and collect stars to expand your focus. Grinding is not exactly an element, so show restraint. Gravity Soccer 3 is a riddle game to move the soccer ball to the goal. Clear the squares and solve simple riddles to complete the levels. In the third part of the game Gravity Soccer 3 you will continue to play gravity football. In front of you on the screen you will see a football field and the doors installed on it. In case of a certain separation from them, there will be a soccer ball. He will lie on a stage that is located on a certain range from the very beginning. The shining stars, which linger significantly, will also be located in different places. You have to touch the stage and eliminate it from the battlefield. Then, at that moment, the ball that fell will move on the ground towards the goal. Along the way, he will collect the stars for which you will be given tricks. When the ball is in the goal, you will be assigned a goal and move on to the next more troubling level of Gravity Soccer 3.