Zombie X City Apocalypse

Zombie X City Apocalypse continues the exemplary story shooter in the style of zombie shooters. A mysterious test was directed around there because of which the city was overrun with zombies, the solitary thing to do is to prepare for triumph in the zombie end times! zombie wanderers in the game will allow you not to feel exclusively in a terrible shooting match, but in addition to repel the infiltration of zombies among the swarms of the walking dead and execute a zombie machine or use of assault rifles. This game will give you an enjoyable zombie shooting vehicle race. Build endurance system among the pressed activities for the endurance of a polluted city, shooting zombies on vehicles Living dead everywhere, shooting without a zombie attack on the web will give you experience in managing their attacks against you. The game with the story of the zombie planet has changed your city, renews the development in the most terrible shooters and becomes the focal point of the development of freedom for humanity.