Noob Adventure

Noob Adventure is a mix of Minecraft, Sokoban and puzzle, where you play as a noob in a quest in 3 universes (palace, cave and ice sanctuary). They look realistically like pixel games like in 8 or 16 cycle consoles. The Minecraft universe is a huge virtual world, with a huge number of players here and there at the same time. There are different classifications among them and the lips are not great from them. They are rude and do not contrast with extreme insight and creative mind. In any case, you should not stretch this brand to the legend of the game Noob Adventure. This is a noob, however, because of your administration, he will show his brain, ingenuity, skills and even dream to some extent. The legend finds itself in a neglected huge palace, where it is possible to watch the two chests of gold and meet resistance. After passing the palace, you will find yourself in a stone labyrinth of caves and the last area will be the Ice Temple. An intriguing Noob Adventure is looking for you, where you can't do without the ability to solve puzzles. The Noob Adventure game is nonsense and here and there a game to test. We have found several palaces in three unique universes, they have a huge wealth, so start your trip and gather the wealth in them. As they look like puzzle games, this is also an experience game, move, remove obstacles, attack loops and get to the path to win the level.